Ubamarket’s Retail Trends Report 2018

Ubamarket trends report 2018
A unique body of data analysis spanning two years of UK shopper insights
The Retail Trends Report 2018, is an annual body of customer-centric research dedicated to the current and future state of the nation’s grocery shop. Serving as the only analysis of its kind to focus on the behavioural insights and key decision drivers that define consumer shopping habits, the online and of offline insights gathered are yet unseen by UK retailers.
Gathered over a two-year period – between 2016 and 2018 – the Trends Report 2018 dissects the opinions and attitudes of over 2,000 UK adults across the nation – both in relation to their specific shopping experiences and how these perceptions will inform their ongoing shopping habits. Developed entirely around consumer sentiment towards the UK’s supermarkets, the data provides progressive retailers a unique blueprint as to how future-facing technology is effectively integrated with relevant in-store delivery
Segmented into four iterations analysing shopper habits and sentiment towards payment, loyalty points, offline and online engagement and in-store behaviour, this week will see a directed focus on: Cashless society – how will instore supermarket shoppers pay in 2018?
Key outcomes dissected in the report*:
  • 21.1 million people (41%) believe all payments will be done via mobile devices in the future – 53% among millennials
  • Nearly half (48%, or 24.6 million people) hate using self-scan machines
  • 32% of people pick an online or High Street retailer based on how easy it is to pay for items
  • Over 10 million people (20%) will consciously avoid shops, restaurants, newsagents, cafés or bars that only accept cash
  • 20% of UK adults say in-app payments are their favourite method of paying for items – rising to 34% among 18-34 year olds
 (*Report available from the Ubamarket homepage – scroll down the page and enter your details to access the report).
With 48% of shoppers claiming to be frustrated by the current iteration of self-payment infrastructure in Britain’s retail outlets,
The 2018 Retail Trends Report – released today – shows 37.5 million (73%) shoppers across the nation have changed their mind and decided not to buy something after seeing the size of a shop’s queue, with this frustration directed towards self-scan machines.

The nationally representative body of data evaluates why consumers across the UK are turning away from time-consuming checkout queues in favour of rapid payment methods such as in-app. To understand more around the key insights revealed in the Trends Report 2018, or to speak to a member of the Ubamarket team on all things supermarket retail please contact:


Will Broome, Founder and CEO
m: 07767 688866
 Report available from the Ubamarket homepage – scroll down the page and enter your details to access the report.

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