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About Us

A long time ago in a supermarket far, far away something dawned on me. I wasn’t the only person in the supermarket with my head buried in my phone, staring at a shopping list that had been texted to me and wondering where to start. An expedition across Middle Earth seemed less complicated.

From aisle one to aisle seven, aisle three to aisle nine and then back to aisle one again because, it turns out, the seventeenth thing on my list is located right next to the first thing on my list (who knew?), my hapless journey continued.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if you walked in and your list was magically in the right order?" I thought to myself. And Ubamarket was conceived.  Right there on aisle nine.

Since then I have consulted customers and gathered together the finest technicians, system architects, designers, project managers, coders, developers, supermarket owners, back end system technicians, POS specialists to create Ubamarket.

Ubamarket evolved on a Darwinian scale (at warp speed) and has become the new way to shop faster and smarter whilst the retailer enjoys greater customer loyalty, so earns more and, instantly, learns more.

But the story doesn’t stop there. We are always innovating, creating new features and improving the customer experience to ensure we stay at the leading edge the industry. We’d love to talk to you about your stores, your customers and help you to deliver the best possible in-store app experience. The journey to the retail revolution is happening and we want you to be a part of it.

Will Broome

Founder & CEO

Our Team

Will Broome
Founder and CEO

Will started his career marketing Musical Theatre Productions in the USA. On his return to the UK, he joined one of the world’s leading PR Agencies, Ketchum Inc, where he managed the PR and live events for London Fashion Week, Wonderbra and Wrangler Jeans. He broke out on his own to set up one of the live event industry’s original ‘dot com’ tech successes and became one of the youngest UK Presidents of the International Live events association (ILEA). His passion for pioneering tech solutions led him to the retail industry where, for the last six years, Will has been immersed in research and development. The result is the launch of Ubamarket, which has already been named “The world’s most sophisticated shopping app" by The Grocer.

Luke Davis

Luke has been fully immersed in the SME and private equity sectors throughout his career. As well as founding IW Capital in 2011, Luke is also the Co-founder of Crowdfinders which champions private investment into high-growth businesses. During his time in charge of IW Capital, Luke has helped facilitate hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investment into Britain’s SME landscape through the EIS. As both an investor and a Director, Luke is in charge of overseeing Ubamarket’s ongoing Funding programme.

Fiona Ferrer
Head of Customer Engagement

Fiona is a content and marketing specialist with a focus on customer engagement. She has a background in lifestyle, travel and retail having run TalkTalk’s lifestyle and shopping channels. She joined Sainsbury’s as Head of Content for the UK online shopping site before heading up the marketing for Sainsbury’s in China.

Scott Annan
Sales Strategist & Trusted Advisor

Scott is a highly experienced retail specialist and is considered a global authority within the Retail and Convenience sectors. His core value proposition is helping retailers and CPGs to grow their businesses in new and mature markets. As the founder of the Retail Leaders Forum, Scott has been at the forefront of the sector for many years and has a reputation for being able to develop and appraise strategy on a macro and micro level to drive sales and profit.

Duncan Hook
Head of Integration

Duncan has been working as a specialist in Retail Systems for more than 25 years. He has designed and developed successful EPOS, Card Payment and Back Office/Head Office systems, and has developed interfaces to a host of systems, including petrol forecourt controllers, tank gauges, car wash controller, supplier EDI systems, card payment, EPOS and loyalty systems.

Stephen Littlechild
Store Mapping & Data Management specialist

Stephen and his team at Pecs Data are world-renowned as market leaders in data capture, scanning and audio transcription, with offices in the UK, South Africa and Mauritius. Before forming a strategic alliance with Ubamarket, Pecs Data processed in excess of 60 million examination results, scanned over 1/2 billion forms and currently have over 28 million images stored on their bespoke Cloud Platform. With 45 years of providing quality BPO services under their belt, Steve and his team are now working full-time with Ubamarket to ensure that our shopping list and store mapping capabilities are second to none.

Tatiana Withanage
Head of PR

As the Former Head of Marketing & PR at Saatchi and Saatchi, overseeing accounts including Toyota, EE and Visa, Tatiana has forged a successful career developing communications strategies for SME’s. She now joins the Ubamarket team as Head of PR overseeing our extensive market research, press office, social media communications and media relations.

Will Stead
General Counsel

Will’s legal experience includes working in City law firms, blue chip retail and tech companies. He spent two years leading technology and media legal at RB before joining Ubamarket.

Hans Falkenburg
Non-Executive Director

Hans was the COO and Founding Director of Lidl UK as well as the CEO of national retail chain, Cotswold Outdoor. His illustrious career also spans Harrods, House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer. Hans sits on the Board of Ubamarket as a strategic advisor from the in-store retail perspective.

Nick Stenning
Non-Executive Director

Nick was Managing Director and SVP of Unilever Europe before becoming CEO of Vitacress Ltd, the leading European grower of watercress, baby leaf salad, tomatoes and fresh herbs.  Nick has a wealth of experience in both retail and food service and sits on the Board of Ubamarket as a strategic advisor from the supplier perspective.

Legal Advisors

Baker Botts LLP 

Patent Attorneys

Kilburn & Strode LLP