App Features

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App Features


App Features

Write a list

Add branded or generic items. List acts as personal in-store guidance system.

Scan products

Scan product barcodes or shelf edges. A running total appears on your screen.

See latest offers

Real time offers – simply tap to add to your shopping list.

Earn loyalty

Earn, redeem and keep track of your points in the app.

Jump the queue

No need to re-scan products at the till – long queues are a thing of the past.

Pay in-app

Scan products, tap ‘checkout’ and pay in-app or at the till.

About the app

Ubamarket is the world’s leading in-store shopping app. It provides an end-to-end white label solution for retailers from small convenience stores (under 3,000 sq ft) to large superstores (100,000 sq ft +).

Available for iPhone and Android.

Watch the Ubamarket app being put through its paces on BBC One’s Supermarket Shopping Secrets, demonstrating how it can make food shopping quicker, easier and more rewarding for customers.

Find out about the benefits to retailers and customers

Request The 2018 Retail Trends Report

Try the app

To experience an Ubamarket white label app, download ‘Taste Club’ (Warner’s Budgens app)