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Ubamarket is the leading in-store shopping app which offers customers and retailers a convenient and quick in-store shopping solution.



Growth in basket size

  • During extensive trials we have seen basket size growth of 21% amongst app users.

Growth in loyalty

  • We offer a complete in-app loyalty scheme or, if you already have your own loyalty programme, we will integrate this into the app.
  • Our simple, quick universal in-app sign up process encourages new loyalty scheme members.
  • We have seen 100% loyalty uptake in trials.

Increase your customer insights

  • Get to know your customers even better and gain unique insights through Ubamarket’s Big Data Hub. Discover your customers’ in-store behaviour patterns from incremental sales to basket abandonment and offer uptake.

Direct and relevant customer engagement

  • ‘Whisper’ to your customers from within their shopping lists and communicate with them in real-time, based on their preferences. These relevant, personalised messages drive loyalty and action.

Deliver personalised offers

  • By understanding your customers better you can personalise your in-app offers, improve your targeting and increase your promo uptake.

Benefit from store savings

  • With a more efficient ‘Rapid Checkout’ process, you will instantly save on overheads as well as the cost of expensive and unnecessary hardware

Benefit from constant innovation

  • Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We constantly innovate to ensure that the Ubamarket app provides your customers with the best in-store shopping experience possible.


Today’s customer demands to be ‘in control’ and Ubamarket® facilitates this by enabling retailers to offer them a convenient, hassle free and entirely personalised in-store experience

Shopping lists

  • 84% of consumers say they use shopping lists when going to the supermarket. Ubamarket® will let them save their lists on their phone and guide them to each item.


  • Customers will find items they’re looking for via our shopping list feature, scan for the price and automatically add them to their basket. Ubamarket® will take them on an efficient journey around your store.


  • Customers will be able to keep tabs on what they’re spending, as they shop. They will automatically collect loyalty points as we can incorporate any existing loyalty scheme – that means 100% uptake on loyalty! Customers will spend more but get even better value for money, every time.

Save money 

  • Real time offers and coupons all in one place so you’ll never miss a deal again.Savings are automatically applied at the till.

Personalised Offers

  • Customers can receive personalised offers and free gifts based on their shopping habits and preferences, facilitated by our ‘Big Data’ service

Save time

  • No more queues. Check out in-app, without having to re-scan items and go. Customers’ e-receipts, loyalty points and shopping history are all stored in the app
  • This enables your customers to keep track of points and receive promotions/personalised offers direct to the app.

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